Lessons in less is more

We need to become less in order to become more                       

Have you ever been overly motivated and enthusiastic that it caused you to become unmotivated? Is there such a thing? I hope I am not the only one this has happened to.

Christmas season 2011 brought changes in my life that were quite unexpected and a little unwelcome, if I may say. I found myself suddenly unmotivated in my fitness and nutrition journey and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t regain my motivation. I felt unsettled with this lack of motivation and refused to let it win. Until….I just gave in. I didn’t give into the junk, and the weight gain, and the chemicals; I gave into the lack of motivation and honored my body trying to tell me it needed a break. My mind, body, and spirit were downright tired and all I needed to do was settle into the fact that I needed a time out.

My body then began transforming from the inside out and working on my inner strength rather than my outer strength. My Monday morning walk with friends became Monday morning coffee with friends in which we formed a strong sisterhood.  Through this sisterhood I was able to build my inner strength and regain my motivation, but in an entirely different way.

Focusing on less being more, I have been able to stay focused on my health, nutrition, and fitness without feeling like it is consuming my life. I have gained many amazing relationships, an inner and outer beauty, and a peace of mind that I am where I should be physically, spiritually, and mentally. I am able to use the tools and knowledge I learned previously but in a more resourceful and productive manner.

I encourage you to focus on doing less and becoming less to BECOME MORE! There is a season of change that is in the air and instead of fighting it, just let go of the reigns. Calm yourself and surrender to the power of yourself trusting that your body and spirit will guide you to becoming more.

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