I have been working through a 30 day cha

I have been working through a 30 day challenge and while looking back in my PUSH journal I came across this definition I wrote for what success means in my life. I remember at the time I wrote it I wasn’t all that happy with but couldn’t come up with anything more. Now reading it, I am very satisfied with it and amazed at how it completely applies to my life.

Success is the moment you realize you can be anything you put your mind to. It’s a time when you can fail and still pick yourself up and push forward. Success is finding the place in life that makes you happy and unstoppable. It’s reaching your fullest potential and still striving for more.

Share with me what your definition of success is?


Two timeless principles of nutrition: 1.

Two timeless principles of nutrition:

1. The closer a food is to the state in which God produced it, the healthier it is
2. Everything you put in your body is a choice. All choices have consequences.

Just another reason to consider Shakeology to take the guess work out of what you are putting in your body. It is one easy meal you don’t have to second guess yourself on.