Finding your purpose in a field of dreams

I’m a mother of two children, a wife, I don’t have a college degree but I do have college debt, and I love to workout and eat healthy. This is my purpose in life!  It may not sound exciting to most, but to me it is the best darn thing and I couldn’t be happier (minus the debt). I am able to pursue life with my family through a healthy and fit lifestyle.  I wasnt always this way, in fact just a short 3 months ago, I was overweight, eating fast food almost daily, constantly craving everything that was unhealthy (cookies, ice cream, mocha, candy), and had no energy to get me through the day.  I had all the desire and dreams in the world to workout and eat healthy but I didn’t have the motivation or purpose to fulfill these dreams.  I was lost in a field of dreams!

One day I was given an opportunity, by a mother at my daughters preschool, to listen to a presentation given by Stacy Ellis, RN on “Feeding the Hungry Brain”.  I took this opportunity, invited a few friends and just soaked in what she had to tell me.  Some of the info I could tell was pretty basic, from the comments of my friends and everyone else around me, but for me it was all new and completely invigorating.  Things like leafy greens are the best, your brain is made of mostly water, read nutrition labels on foods before you buy them,  buying local produce, and so much more.  At the sake of sounding naive, I had never heard this stuff before or maybe I had heard it but it had never made sense until this day.  This was the start of my new journey and my newfound passion!  I didn’t know it was my new passion at this point in time but for the first time I was able to actually start making some improvements in the health department, like I had always dreamed about, and stop making the excuses of I don’t know how!

I went home and immediately began shopping in the natural section, buying more fruits and veggies, and shopping only the perimeter of the store, as I had learned from Body by Jess, on one of her posts.  Surprisingly this wasnt hard at all!  My husband tried to complain that I was spending extra money on the organic stuff but what I quickly explained was that the money I am saving, by not buying the processed junk food, is being used to spend on the slightly more expensive but healthier natural choices.  Therefore it cancels each other out!  The kicker to this is that I am also looking out for my families future at the same time by cooking them healthy nutritious meals.  It’s a win-win situation the way I see it! Health wins!!

So, I started to eat healthy but was still longing to go for a jog, or climb some stairs, or anything.  But it wasnt happening.  Possibly because I had a newborn, and it was rainy outside, and I don’t have a gym membership, and and and……..blah blah blah!  Just a bunch more excuses to keep me from reaching my goals.

Then, I ran into a former church friend who had lost an amazing amount of weight.  I began to dig into his story and learned that he just took himself out on the track one day, at a nearby school, and slowly started jogging.  This for him has now turned into a huge journey, which you should really take the time to check out on his blog.  Very inspiring!  Needless to say, this was the last and final push for me to get my booty on the move!  I contacted the local bootcamp, signed up, and have been going ever since.  I look forward to each and every workout even though they get tougher each day.  I run with my co-workers at work and we push each other each and every time.  I have found what my purpose is in life even when I was lost in a field of dreams.

As quoted in the movie Field of Dreams “If you build it, he will come”, came to me in an attempt to fall asleep the other night. I pondered on this quote over the past week to find its relevance in my life.  After reading the plot of the movie, as it has been almost two decades since I have seen this movie, I now understand how it relates to life.   Follow through on your dreams and your passions, pursue life with a positive outlook, attempt to re-discover yourself and your purpose in life! People, in general, tend to get stuck in slumps.  We forget who we are and what we want. We are too busy trying to satisfy everyone else and we aren’t satisfying ourselves.  Take care of yourself and your body and you will find that it takes little to no effort to satisfy others.  When your body is happy and healthy you naturally give off positive vibes to others.  You just can’t help it! Build yourself first then everything else will follow.

Needless to say, I am now on my way to an amazing life full of vigor and happiness! What once began as a dream is now my life every day of the week.  I eat healthy, workout 6 days a week, help others to find it within themselves to get healthy, and this all comes with no effort.  If me, a down on herself, frumpy, unfit mom can do it, then so can you!

While searching for answers to the Field of Dreams quote I ran across Tales from the motherland blog, which I found to be very fitting for this subject.  She talks about digging deeper and finding that inner strength.  Take a minute to read her post as well for some funny and inspiring thoughts.

Cheers to finding your purpose! It may not be anything grand or huge but it is very satisfying.


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  1. This is a wonderful Blog, Brooke! Keep pursuing your dreams and you will make yourself and your family even happier! I am a strong believer that once you make yourself happy and are happy with yourself then everyone else follows! Lead by example and others will follow your example! Lead a healthy lifestyle and other will follow! Way to go and share health and nutrition with others by your own personal experience! Keep moving forward and you will touch so many lives!

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