There is no magic diet pill

Weight loss and good health requires hard work and healthy habits.  Sorry to break it to you folks, but there is no magic diet pill!

I’m sure we have all, at some point in time, had the thought or dream that “if only I could just make this fat disappear”.  You CAN but not with a magic pill, liposuction, or surgery.  These pills and surgeries may work for a quick fix but after awhile their ‘magic’ disappears and you are back to where you started.

So how to do we make this fat disappear?  With hard work, consistency, and honesty.  Honesty? What does that have to do with losing weight? Well, being honest with yourself that you have a few extra pounds to lose is the first step. Being honest that it make take time and hard work is another. Being honest that you may have set backs but its okay because you can pick yourself up off the floor and continue forward, is another! Do you get my drift?  If we dont start with first admitting the truth about our health and fitness, then we will get no where with this journey we must go on.  And oh is it a journey with big peaks and low valleys!  But when you look at yourself in the end or even halfway through your journey, you will realize what an amazing journey it has been.  Imagine the stories you will have to share and the friends you will make along the way.  So do you want to have a temporary fix or do you want to embark on a journey and make it a life-long fix?  The easy road or the hard but lasting road?  I pick the latter one!


1. What do you desire?

2. What are you determined to do/be?

3. What motivates you?

4. What inspires you?

In regards to your health and fitness, take a few minutes to jot down your answers to these questions. Use these answers to determine your WHY.  Why do you want to embark on this journey? Why do you want to live a long and healthy life? Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you deserve this? If you don’t determine your why you wont stick to the journey. You must hold yourself accountable to what you want to become!



  1. You’re amazing Brooke! Thank you for encouraging me to join you on your journey to a healthy life. I hope to live a healthy lifestyle so I can avoid the disease ridden genes that I have been given. I want to not think about eating healthy and working out, I hope some day it just comes as second nature. While I’m just beginning my journey, I’m trying not to say I have to or I need to but I want to. I want to choose to work out and make healthy eating choices so I can get to my ultimate goal. You have to think about how everything contributes to your ultimate goal. If you want it bad enough you can get through all the obstacles. Saying I want to, instead of I have to will help keep you in a positive mind set and keep you moving forward. Saying I have to, puts you in a victim role of blaming your problem on others. Like Brooke says, it’s time to be honest with yourself, because frankly your choices put you in the situation your in, so choose to say I want to and move forward. Now I’m off to meet Brooke for our Friday Fun Run 🙂

    • You so have it in you, you just needed that extra push! After you have been eating healthy and working out on a regular basis, it will become second nature and you wont even think about it. I actually look forward to working out my 6 days a week. I give myself one day off for a rest day. Eating healthy can be a challenge at times as I am very busy and not planning ahead. So i need to take more time and plan ahead. My body actually craves the whole foods now rather than the junk food. i do allow myself treats here and there without any feeling of guilt because I know Im doing the right thing the majority of the time. I just try to stay away from any processed food of any type. That is not a treat! But now that I have been on shakeology that is actually my sweet treat for the day. thank you for the wonderful feedback nancy!

  2. Hmm. Love the questions which encourage us to look inside and purpose our answers. Brooke, I’m so very proud of you; for your words are nutured on the very choices you’ve been making lately. Nice. Some of us may be just able to read this blog and think about it all, some of us may squeeze time in our hearts to HONESTLY answer these life changing ,and some are out the door to our work out —but—your/our journey has begun simply by responding to the invitation to be a part of CHASING FIT!
    Brooke, you nailed it! THanks for taking the time to encourage us..

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